Friday, November 26, 2021

Not my best work, but it's done

 Not my best work, but it's done.

I'm not terribly happy with this, but at least it is done. I don't know if I will use it for someone, or let it sit in my big book of scroll blanks. This is based on Yates Thompson 12  f. 204. I've been working on this off and on for the last six months. It never really clicked for me. The soldiers look goofy. The original background was blue and I didn't like how it turned out; so, I painted it gold. The white work didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I had to paint over the corners several times and start over. 

But it is done. 

I am happy that I completed it, even though I can only see the flaws and failed potential. 

The last two years has not been good for my scribal work. With the pandemic, and the lack of events, there hasn't been an overwhelming need for dozens of scrolls. I've done my share of scrolls for the few events we've had, and some back-logs as well, but the scroll factory was definitely put on hiatus. Looking back, I've only completed eight scrolls this year and put calligraphy of two that I had finished last year. Instead of working on four or five scrolls at a time, I've only worked on one at a time. And I think that my quality has slipped. 

With hope, now that events are gearing up, again, more opportunities for scrolls will become available and I will get myself back into scribal shape. 

I have a few that need to be inked and painted and one, that's starring at me right now, that needs just a little bit more paint before I can call it complete.

Thursday, November 25, 2021


 The gold does make it look better.

A couple of coats of gold gouache and it does look better than with a blue background. I feel inspired and might finish it, this weekend. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

I hate it

 A WIP. I'm at the point where I hate it and don't want to work on it anymore.

Gouache on cotton paper. 

I'm sure that it will look nice when completed, but I can't work up the enthusiasm to do so. I'm not happy with how the blue turned out. I might cover up the blue in the background with gold. Perhaps that will make it pop. I don't know. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Scroll Text - Margareta le Sayre - Keystone 2021


Scroll Text - Margareta le Sayre - Keystone 2021

Kingdom of AEthelmearc - Service Award

Attend Us, Noble Order of the Keystone, right trusty and right welbeloved Order. We will and command you, Our Order, to deliver, or cause to be delivered, unto Our welbeloved Margareta le Sayre, Lady, in consideration of such service as she hath done unto Us in the Barony of Endless Hills and other areas of Our Domain, a medallion bearing the emblazon of the aforesaid Noble Order, to wit, Or, on a keystone gules an escarbuncle argent, that she may proudly wear as We mean to add her name to the rolls of members of the Order, and besides such other benefits as We mean towards her for her service as cook and Royal Retainer. And these Our letters shall be your sufficient warrant in this behalf. Given by the hands of Gareth and Juliana, King and Queen of Sylvan AEthelmearc, at Our castle in the Barony of Thescorre, the 9th day of October, AS Six and Fifty, at Our Crown Tourney.

based on a privy seal letter to the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer for payment of a certain sum to William Brymingham, 27 September, 1570

Scroll Text - Eadaoin Gaelach Rua - Keystone 2021

Scroll Text - Eadaoin Gaelach Rua - Keystone 2021

Kingdom of AEthelmearc - Service Award

O Eadaoin Gaelach Rua. You stand before Gareth and Juliana, Rightful King and Queen of Sylvan AEthelmearc. Many are the quote-unquote crimes of which you have been accused. And for so much as we have been informed by nobles and gentles beyond reproach that you have been willfully seen: lifting, carrying, cleaning, loading, unloading, singing, storytelling, punning, bardic-ing, and playing an unlicensed bodhran within Our domains. Acts that have not gone un-noticed by Our eyes. To take no action against you might stir and conspire means of commotion and insurrection showing against Our honor and estate, the common word of Our Land and Our Laws. We therefore would and desire that immediately after light of this, We condemn you to wear a badge showing our quote-unquote displeasure, described as such: "Or, on a keystone gules an escarbuncle argent" and We order you to wear this Keystone so that others will know of your service to Our Kingdom and all who dwell within. And these Our letters shall be unto you in this behalf sufficient warrant. Given by Our hands in the year of The Society fifty and six, at Our Crown Tournament, in the Barony of Thescorre.

inspired by Sign Manual Warrant (English) for the Issue of the Great Seal) (2 December, 3 Edward IV)

Monday, September 6, 2021

Scroll Text - Thrown Weapons Tourney - 2021

Scroll Text - Thrown Weapons Tourney - 2021

Barony of the Rhydderich Hael - Martial Tourney

At long last, Axes and Knives were thrown at Summer's End. The buzzing of spears filled the air like a swarm of cicadas. On this day, a day that we have long waited for, the finest throwers of these Sylvan Lands did compete for the honor and the victory that this scroll represents. Thus do we confirm and name {____________________________} as the winner of the Summer's End Thrown Weapons Tournament. And wishing this to remain valid unto all posterity, we forbid by edict that any one, with rash daring, infringe it, or in any way, attempt to violate our will and decree, and we validly corroborate this warrant by the present privilege, signed by our hands, the witnesses being all who were in attendance at Summer's End, the 11th of September, AS56. 

Scroll Text - Gemma of Delfwood - Award of Arms


Scroll Text - Gemma of Delfwood - Award of Arms

Kingdom of AEthelmearc - Award of Arms

Do hear the words of Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of Sylvan AEthelmearc. We send greetings to Our trusty and welbeloved subject, Gemma of Delftwood. On the reading or hearing of Our receipt, We will and charge you, for your generosity creating largesse and your service with setting up and cleaning event sites, set aside the life of the commoner and prepare yourself for the first steps of nobility, for We will and desire to Award you Arms and command you consult with Our College of Heralds for such Arms that you will bear from this day until the end of days. And these Our letters shall be your warrant in this behalf. Given by Our hands on the 4th day of September, AS56, in our Barony of Delftwood, at Whisperings of Wyldewood.

inspired by a warrant to the Exchequer from Henry VII for the payment of 20 pounds to Sergeant Thomas Englisshe, 10/16/1498