Thursday, August 1, 2019

Things you probably should not put on a scroll

Things you probably should not put on a scroll

I honestly don't know under what circumstance one would use this image for a scroll. The image is from MS M.338 fol. 196v.

It's a lovely image. 

Perhaps for a siege tourney or award. I would definitely use this for my friend Chibe; He would find it amusing. But, I would imagine that not everyone would find it so. If I may quote from an earlier post:

"Now. When I say I don't know when I would use this; what I mean is, "I don't know what I would use this image for, on a scroll, that wouldn't be mean or insulting." I mean, someone less nice than myself might use this for a Millrind scroll for someone who ruined a group as that group's seneschal. Or for a cook known for setting off smoke alarms. I'm not suggesting that you do it for those reasons, or any of the reasons I thought of but will not be putting in this blog. I am saying this image is probably not one that you would want to use on an SCA scroll."

Context is key. I would use this for my friend, but not for a stranger.

Fun fact: polar bears taste like mutton.

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