Saturday, December 28, 2019

Last Archery Tourney of the Year

A Is For Archer, and That Is Good Enough For Me

For the last archery practice of the year, we held our annual Cookie shoot. Bring cookies. Shoot at cookies. Eat Cookies. I am the master of cheap-ass archery targets. This was my contribution. An un-licensed, Chinese knock-off Cookie Monster. I found this on Amazon for $5. It's supposed to be a pin-the-cookie-on-the-blue-monster party game. But, in my world, it became an archery target.

The cookies were given random point values and the un-licensed, Chinese knock-off Cookie Monster was worth -5, if you hit it, with the archer getting the lower of the two points if they broke a line. Un-licensed, Chinese knock-off Cookie Monster got hit a lot. Even in the eyeball. 


The average score on this target was -6. Fortunately, the other targets didn't have negative points associated with them. But, it did skew the tourney. 

The cookies, afterwards, were pretty good, as well. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

End of the year blahs.

I just don't have anything on my plate.

Well, 2019 is grinding to a halt. I haven't had much to work on, in the last few months. My last Kingdom scroll assignment was back in March. There are only so many local assignments that have to be shared between two dozen, or so, local scribes. Some of my scroll blanks have been used by other scribes (who make them pretty with their calligraphy) and I have two assignments for Ice Dragon 2020. 

I have a couple of things that I want to research and write about, but I haven't felt the desire to do more than cursory research. Perhaps, with a few days off from work, I can knock those out. Or dig out my scribal stuff and paint something. 

Thescorre is calling for teachers for their College of Three Ravens (Hugin, Munin and Bob) in February. I might dig out an old class and teach. 

Perhaps it's just the weather. Or the lack of scribal assignments, but I am definitely in the A&S doldrums, right now.  I've been thinking about entering in the Ice Dragon A&S Pentathalon my Arabic Jelly.  Only using red grapes instead of white. It'll take an hour or two to make, and it can sit and age in the 'fridge for a few months. I might also, make another cordial: I haven't made one in a couple of years. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

I bought a new buckler

I bought a new buckler

 I had to stop by Wegman's (a big supermarket chain in New York) and I found this by the front door. It's a plastic shield that came with a snowball maker/launcher.


Not that it would have been useful down in Texas. But still.

It's barely legal, size-wise, for AEthelmearc's Rapier rules, and I don't think that it will stand up to heavy rapier combat. I might spray-paint it green and black, to match my Barony's colors, and donate it to our youth rapier loaner pool.

It's strapped nicely: the straps are stretchy and I was able to get my fat arm through them while I was wearing a hoodie. I prefer a single handle, when I fence, 'cause I am a fan of I.33, but it's not uncomfortable to wield. 

Again, this probably not last long against heavy rapier, but against foils? It should be good enough for kids. $12.95 is a good deal for something that made be giggle. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Strange Things Found On Medieval Manuscripts

Have At You! - Gesundheit!

This is from Verdun, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 107, f. 99v, and it depicts two headless sword fighters. WTF? Did they cut their own heads off before they started the fight? I need some context here. What is going on. Is it some kind of social commentary from when the manuscript was created? Is it some sort of allegory about how there are no real winners in a battle? Are they aliens?

By the way, this would make a good SCA, tourney scroll. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

This has been a week of Mondays

It could have been worse, though. 

We had some high winds, the other night, and a large branch fell on my car. Now, it missed the house, the garage, the power lines, and the FIOS line. And while it hit the car, it didn't destroy it.

The hood is dented, but the windshield wasn't broken. If I had parked one foot closer to the garage it would have been a disaster. I was lucky enough that the side fence took the bulk of the impact. 
Still, the first estimate was about $2300 for all of the dents and scratches. 

I hate being an adult. When I was younger and was happy with $200 beaters, this wouldn't phase me one bit. Now that I have a nice car.... Pooh!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

I figured it out

I Figured It Out

After much experimentation, I figured out the proper dosage of my Arabic Jelly. To treat a cough or a sore throat, apply a healthy dollop of the jelly on one half of a bagel, apply an equal amount of peanut butter on the other half, stick them together, sticky sides inwards, and shove into your face hole. It's really, really tasty. And, I don't have a cough. I can't imagine why Abu Yusuf Ya'qub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi didn't mention this in his recipe.

I all seriousness, it's really tasty, although, it isn't as firm as a store bought jelly. So it was messy. I am planning on doing this with red grapes to see if it jells up better, and, possibly, add some pectin into one of the jars to make it firmer.

I debuted this project at Summer's End: I had brought two 16oz mason jars and almost one of the jars was emptied. Leaving me with a good handful of jelly that I will have to consume. Oh! Woe is me, being forced to eat tasty grape jelly. The sacrifices I must make in pursuit of A&S.

Monday, September 2, 2019

No One Likes Fish Puns

Bird Puns Are All the Raven

At the Seven Pearl's Tournament, this past weekend, my last assignment was given out. And by last assignment, I mean my most recent one, not my last one ever. Although, judging by the reactions, it might be the last one I get. Master Po kept punching me after each and every pun. I know that I done good when Master Po, a man who is known in AEthelmearc as a herald and wordsmith who tells bad puns.

I will have to say that THL Zosia, who was the reading herald, enjoyed reading this scroll as much as she hated reading the fish pun scroll from earlier this year. I did not know that people enjoyed bird puns more than fish puns. I will have to make one full of puns about woodland critters and see how it is received.

I did speak with the recipient of this scroll, at the end of the event, and mentally kicked myself: I could have slipped in a kingfisher pun. Still a bird pun but referencing a fish.

I feel sorry for those people living in Kingdoms who use standardized scroll text. They will never know the pleasure, and pain, of hearing 25 bird related puns in a row, while at the same time honoring the mad A&S skills of Aurelid Argentia Prima, the Lady who won.