Saturday, December 28, 2019

Last Archery Tourney of the Year

A Is For Archer, and That Is Good Enough For Me

For the last archery practice of the year, we held our annual Cookie shoot. Bring cookies. Shoot at cookies. Eat Cookies. I am the master of cheap-ass archery targets. This was my contribution. An un-licensed, Chinese knock-off Cookie Monster. I found this on Amazon for $5. It's supposed to be a pin-the-cookie-on-the-blue-monster party game. But, in my world, it became an archery target.

The cookies were given random point values and the un-licensed, Chinese knock-off Cookie Monster was worth -5, if you hit it, with the archer getting the lower of the two points if they broke a line. Un-licensed, Chinese knock-off Cookie Monster got hit a lot. Even in the eyeball. 


The average score on this target was -6. Fortunately, the other targets didn't have negative points associated with them. But, it did skew the tourney. 

The cookies, afterwards, were pretty good, as well. 

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