Sunday, September 8, 2019

I figured it out

I Figured It Out

After much experimentation, I figured out the proper dosage of my Arabic Jelly. To treat a cough or a sore throat, apply a healthy dollop of the jelly on one half of a bagel, apply an equal amount of peanut butter on the other half, stick them together, sticky sides inwards, and shove into your face hole. It's really, really tasty. And, I don't have a cough. I can't imagine why Abu Yusuf Ya'qub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi didn't mention this in his recipe.

I all seriousness, it's really tasty, although, it isn't as firm as a store bought jelly. So it was messy. I am planning on doing this with red grapes to see if it jells up better, and, possibly, add some pectin into one of the jars to make it firmer.

I debuted this project at Summer's End: I had brought two 16oz mason jars and almost one of the jars was emptied. Leaving me with a good handful of jelly that I will have to consume. Oh! Woe is me, being forced to eat tasty grape jelly. The sacrifices I must make in pursuit of A&S.

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