Sunday, March 10, 2019

Just a little pen work

 Just a little pen work

A new scroll blank. Red ink on Fluid 100% cotton paper. Inspired by BM - ms. 0008, f.172. Well.... not so much inspired by than copied from. All I did was trace it on a light box. I was planing on coloring it in but I think that it turned out well.

I might go back and add some more shading. I'm going to leave it as a pen drawing, but another scribe might color it in. It has happened before.

I knocked this out while watching TV, after tracing out some line separators. My local Cook's Guild is making a new cookbook and has asked for some art work. I went through my archives and selected a good handful of separators that I can paint at the next Scribal meeting. I have several sheets of Fluid filled with larger versions of what I had selected. I'll just paint them and scan them, like I would a regular scroll. Once I can them, I can digitally remove each image and paste them into an individual image file and E-mail them to the guild master. 

Yes, I did use good Fluid paper. No, it's not a waste of paper. Paper is cheap and I wanted a good result. I didn't want to use construction paper or copier paper. Even though they will never be turned into a scroll, I still want them to look nice if they are ever used in the cookbook.... Or our local newsletter.

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